Unlock 3x growth and efficiency. 
Scale faster than ever before.

It’s the heart of the cloud-native Automation 360 platform. RPA Workspace automates every repetitive digital task and process—faster than any other. Automating as easily across the latest web-based apps as old, legacy systems, RPA Workspace bridges technology islands, transforming disconnected processes into connected, unified/aligned, digital operations.

RPA Workspace. Easier to use. Faster time to value.


100% web-based

Start automating instantly with no thick software client to install

30% faster bot deployment

Get the benefits of automation fast without complex set up or heavy IT involvement.

Scale 3X faster

Gain agility and speed to stay competitive and boost employee productivity and engagement

Automation for everyone

Put RPA into employees’ hands with web-based, no code, low-code, and bring-your-own-code bot development.

Ultimate systems flexibility

No need to change legacy systems or applications. No need to change any part of an existing business process

Most Secure RPA

Operate with enterprise-grade security and auditability

RPA Workspace is purpose-built for business users, citizen developers, and professional programmers alike.

For Citizen Developers

Intuitively create a bot or design business process automation workflows with easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual tools.

For Business Users

Oturum aç. Tıkla. Otomatikleştir. 
Login. Click. Automate. Instantly start automating from your web browser with zero-coding automation tools, such as the Universal Recorder that captures all of your process actions or AARI digital assistants that simplify day-to-day tasks.

For Professional Programmers

Build advanced automation using your own code, such as Python, and bring in AI and machine learning capabilities with pluggable API integration.

RPA Workspace has you covered,

from pre-built commands to built-in governance

Pre-built commands and extensibility
No additional IT resources
Orchestration from anywhere
Built-in governance
Most comprehensive security and data privacy
Flexible deployment options
Extensible and customizable
Unlimited scale
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