Customs and Logistics Platform

More faster, profitable and efficient foreign trade with the eSystems Customs and Logistics Platform

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Customs and Logistics Platform

Regulations for Logistics and Customs procedures are changing frequently, are subject to very strict rules and directly affect various units of companies. A new cloud-based foreign trade platform is on the market now for end-to-end tracking these processes, monitoring all stakeholders involved in the processes, measuring the performance of their operations and conducting a healthy supply chain management in a single door-to-door environment

This platform allows you to customise your own workflows and associated approval system within employees, enables you modify your business processes at any time without involvement of a software company, set up your own reports and monitoring mechanism, and even include your suppliers; transporters, banks, tax and customs offices. It also offers the possibility to control the operations of the business units fully.

Targets of the Platform


Supply Chain

  • Effective procurement and service orders through one window
  • Monitoring of procurement of services such as logistics, insurance and Customs Broker
  • Diversification of the number of suppliers



  • Getting ready for “Paperless Foreign Trade” environment velid for the European Union and accession countries
  • Integratiın with e-Customs and European Union Single Window systems and their components



  • Migrating flows from SAP Platform to Cloud Enviroment
  • Access customers not using SAP
  • To provide integrated services with the changing legislation
  • Bringing all users together in a single environment


Solving Basic

  • End-to-end monitoring of logistics and customs operations of companies
  • Following all stakeholders involved in the processes
  • Measuring the performance of stakeholders and staff in operation


Platform Features

Door to Door Foreign Trade

  • Processes can be monitored end-to-end
  • All stakeholders involved in the process can use and monitor the system
  • Performance Measurements
  • Supply chain management

Cloud Based

  • 7 x 24 accessible from all over the world
  • Provides mobile application support
  • Eliminates technical support staff
  • Continuously backed up and secure, enables communication with business partners

Flexible Workflows (BMP)

  • Customisable Forms
  • Editable Workflows
  • Instant notification at each step
  • All workflow instances can be reported


  • Integration with ERP Packages, Domestic and international logistics firm systems, Banks etc
  • Integrations with the software of Customs Administrations of Turkey and abroad


Target Group

Companies issuing numerous declarations and authorized by the Ministry of Customs and Trade

Companies to be registered to the platform;


  • Suppliers
  • Customs Brokers
  • Forwarders
  • Insurers
  • SMEs providing services to suppliers of companies already registered to the platform




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