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Cloud-Based Framework Software Without Coding

A huge chunk part of the application is prepared without any new coding. Fewer coding means fewer errors and faster market entry. Flexible role structure and authorization, user hierarchy, strong logging and security, foreign language and exchange support. In addition, each application needs notifications, messaging, Admin interface, Dashboard, File saving (pdf and excel download).


Integrated Cloud Based Workflow Management

Discover one of the most powerful and lightweight workflow tools on the market. Design any workflow without coding and only with basic technical information. Highly flexible and highly automated, cloud-based


Integrated Cloud Based Rule Engine

Rule Engine that you can integrate with your workflows and your own applications. With ready Controls, supporting HSQL and known software languages...


Integrated Cloud Based Dynamic Form

Design your own forms or use template forms saved from industry best practices. Customize and customize template jerseys to your needs. Edit events in the form fields. Dress up your own front design… Let's write the database integration code (Rest Services) and you're ready to use the front.


Integrated Cloud Based Business Intelligence (BI)

Integrated Business Intelligence includes more than just well-designed dashboards and reports. Not only does it access information, logs and data stored in your application's database, it gives you the answer to the “Why“ question faster.


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